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I have great passion for the  Mosrite Celebrity family of guitars.  A truly wonderful piece of American music history, these guitars deserve their place among the great array of vintage instruments.  The Mosrite Celebrity has largely been overlooked and underrated but I believe now the trend is going upward as collectors and players alike are discovering what a marvelous investment these have become.    


As a guitar player I consider the Celebrity to be a pro-level hollow body guitar and would compare it to the likes of higher end Gibson, Gretsch or Guild hollow bodies.  It has a wonderful neck that is very easy to play.  As a rhythm guitar player it is my first choice when I know I’ll be playing bar chords for hours.  The key with any Mosrite guitar, and the Celebrity is no exception, is to find the right amp pairing.  When you couple the Mosrite Celebrity with the right amp, the combination can not be beat!  You will be rewarded with tones that no other guitar can duplicate, while enjoying the comfortable playability and fantastic action, altogether with its unique styling that always catches people’s attention.  


Be prepared for lots of questions and admiration when people see your guitar.

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My earliest memories are of my father playing guitar and singing.  I thought he sounded just like Johnny Cash!  I remember when I was very young a Johnny Cash song came on the radio and I asked my mother if that was “Daddy”.  It’s not surprising that I began learning guitar as a teenager.  I’ve enjoyed it immensely.  My father is gone now but his music lives on in me and I’ll pass it to my children.

When I was young I would ride my bicycle to the local music store and marvel at all of the guitars.  I dreamed of the day that I would own one of those brand new shiny treasures.  My first guitar was a $50.00 used Epiphone acoustic.  I played that guitar until the bridge lifted off of the body.  About the same time I bought a used 1963 Guild Polara.  I had taken a camping trip about 200 miles from home and of course had to go into the local music store.  I saw that used Guild on the wall and at $125.00 I had to have it.  I didn’t have enough money so the owner agreed to let me put $25.00 down and send monthly payments of $25.00.  I was eighteen years old at the time and faithfully sent in my installments.  After three months I made the trek to retrieve this wonderful solid body electric.  When I went to college in the fall, this guitar became my main player.  Now, keep in mind I did not own an amplifier at that time but it did not dissuade me from playing and practicing “Smoke On The Water”.  I had that guitar for a number of years and never could come up with the money for an amp.  It was stolen after owning it for about five years.  I’ve always wanted another.

I was smitten by the Mosrite Celebrity bug in the 1980’s upon visiting my Aunt and Uncle in San Francisco, California.  My Uncle, knowing my love for playing guitar, took me to listen to some of his buddies jam.  I had never heard hollow body electrics before and was treated to these five “elderly” gentlemen playing a variety of classic tunes.  I recognized the Guilds and Gibsons, however, there was one guitar I did not recognize and was totally captivated by its look and tones.  I asked the man what it was and he tole me it was a Mosrite Celebrity.  I was totally captivated for the rest of the evening and knew I would own one someday.  So began my quest.

I have learned a lot about these guitars over the years and thought I should share that knowledge.  This website is dedicated to a guitar I love and to all of the people who made them.  I hope that the people who visit this website will not only learn from the information presented here but will also share their knowledge as well as pictures and information about their Celebrity.  I will update this website from time to time and when I do I will put the date at the bottom of each page for its revision.  This front page will have the latest revision date of any of the pages.  It should make it easy for you to visit often and determine what’s new since your last visit.

If you have a Mosrite Celebrity please be sure to contact me and help this project grow.  With your help we will keep this website fresh, accurate, and the best source of Mosrite Celebrity information.  Mosrite forever!

Thank you!

Sarah W.
Ventura, California
This image was created by Reverend Brian Berry, born of his passion and enthusiasm for the Mosrite Celebrity.  Brian has a beautiful 1966 red Mosrite Celebrity-II that he bought brand new in February, 1967.  He owns the guitar to this day.  

With his artistic expression and excellent skill of Photoshop, you will be treated with many of his renderings throughout this website.  I greatly appreciate the courtesy he has allowed me to display his works.  

Thank you Brian, you never cease to amaze me with what you come up with next!!
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